What happens when a camera crew stops you while you’re out jogging on an unseasonably warm December day—one that warranted you to run shirtless? You tell the cameras (and all of Chicago) you’re single! That’s what “photographer, writer, construction worker, personal trainer, and nanny” (according to Ethan Renoe did, at least. And it served him pretty darn well.

The video (check it out below) garnered 1.7 million views as of December 14th at noon, according to But perhaps more interestingly, Renoe is now basically the most eligible bachelor of Chicago. He told USA Today that he received about 900 Facebook friend requests (as of the 14th at noon—we’re guessing that number likely rose overnight). And the comments aren’t exactly about why this dude was running in the rain—they’re from women not just in Chicago but all over the nation requesting dates and commenting on his chiseled physique.

Though we can’t guarantee you’ll catch the attention of a local camera crew, we cangive you these workouts to get six-pack abs worthy of showing off sans-shirt the next time you head out for a jog. We can also tell you about all the other gear you need for running in the rain (pants, phone case, shoes… we’ve got it all!) Now all you need is a little luck.

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