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Nine health and fitness gurus share their New Year resolutions


Last year, I got into the habit of writing down before bed what I hope to achieve the following day – in any order, just as things occur to me. I then rank them in order of priority, and put the list out where I can see it in the morning. Then I enjoy a cup of either hot chocolate or peppermint tea with honey, and get into bed as early as I can manage.

In the morning, I wake either with the sunrise or, in the winter, use a light alarm. Once the increasing light wakes me, I lie in bed and take 10 slow yoga breaths before getting up.

Linda Blair

In 2017, I’m going to make small changes to my morning routine to help me approach life in a calm, positive way. I’ll sip a big glass of water with a bit of lemon, and do half an hour of yoga, choosing whatever poses feel right that day.

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