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Body language expert Judi James shares her top tips for successful dates

First dates can be nerve-wracking and leave you lacking in confidence. This burst of nervous adrenaline can make you accidentally talk over your date or both kiss the same cheek when greeting, which can start the date off awkwardly. Judi James, Invisalign ambassador and leading body language expert provides tips on how to avoid this happening, how to boost your confidence on a date and how to read whether your date is really into you or not.

How to read your date’s body language

Eyes give away more signals than any other body part, look out for these subtle indicators to understand what your date is thinking:
– A physiological response to genuine attraction is pupil dilation, the only problem is this may not always be easy to spot in a low lit bar or restaurant.
– If his gaze is largely focused on your body, you know he’s assessing your sexual appeal, but if his focus is on your eyes and face he’s more likely to want a relationship with you.
– If interested his eye contact will increase throughout the date, but if his gaze wanders and he starts taking in the rest of the room you can assume he’s getting bored.

Smiles can also tell you a lot about what people are thinking and may be easier to read in a dark bar or restaurant:
– A symmetrical smile that starts from the eyes and shows teeth denotes genuine happiness and indicates he’s comfortable in your company.
– An exaggarated, fake smile is usually used to mask boredom.
– Poking his tongue out at the front of his mouth is often a rejection signal.
– Licking lips or poking the tongue out at the corner of his mouth generally means he’s enjoying your company and looking forward to what may happen later on in the evening!

Body leakage gestures are small gestures that give away how someone truly feels:
– If when holding your hand he places his on top of yours, he may have a dominating personality.
– If he pulls your hand into his body it shows signs of sexual and emotional attachment, meaning he’s interested in you on all levels.
– Watch out if he has a juddering leg or is tapping at the end of a date, this shows signs of impatience so it could mean he is ready to end the date and go home.

Judi’s top dating tips
– Be yourself, after all your date is obviously interested in you or they wouldn’t be there in the first place, so try and relax to give off positive vibes.
– Women tend to over-groom when preparing for a date, which is more likely to make you feel more uncomfortable. Try and stick to clothes you feel comfortable in so you’re not worrying about how you look.
– Smile! A smile will tell your date that you like him, which will make him more relaxed and the date easier for both of you. Smiling makes you look and feel more attractive too. It pulls the facial features up, relaxing your face and shoulder muscles and making you look more comfortable. This will extend to your body language and help you look more self-assured.
– To achieve an enviable smile you’re confident about showing, you may want to consider a teeth-straightening treatment. I recommend Invisalign aligners as they are virtually invisible and removable so they won’t impact on your lifestyle, and your date won’t even notice you’re wearing them!

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