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3 Ways To Make Your Workout More Effective

By Rachel Debling Just because you don’t have access to a gym doesn’t mean you can’t have a body that looks like you do. Any at-home workout can be made even more effective with some subtle adjustments. Follow our lead, and even workouts you have been turning to for years will take on a whole new level of difficulty. (Keep in mind that this particular ...

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3 Exercises For More Powerful Glutes

By Jordan Cieciwa (@FitCityJordan) Women the world over have discovered the key to sculpting a noteworthy backside — the squat. Don’t believe me? Check out #SheSquats for a barrage of fitness-girl photos and the truly impressive results of their hard work. If a nice butt is the result you’re after, a program designed with deep, heavy, perfect-form squats is what you need — so why aren’t we guys getting in on the action? Looking good in “dem jeans” isn’t ...

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Get A Dancer’s Body With This Dynamic Bar Routine

By Anna Redman Programmed By Marlo Brausse Photos Of Mariah Daye By Arsenik Studios Inc. At Barre Body Studio in Calgary, Alberta. “At our studio the goal is to offer a combination of exercises that are unique in intensity while focusing on building strength, sculpting muscles, and improving posture.” But those aren’t the only benefits touted by this expert-designed routine. Regular barre enthusiasts ...

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Successful Weight Loss

Successful Weight Loss In order for you to have a successful weight loss plan you need to have two important inter-related factors not only in mind but planned out from the get-go. In this article, we’ll look at these two factors and devise a strategy which is simple to follow and is guaranteed to provide results. You may think that ...

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Fat Loss Meal Plan

Fat Loss Meal Plan Knowing what foods to eat when is one of your greatest weapon’s against fat loss, and if you don’t follow a smart plan you are setting yourself up for a very disheartening failure which can affect psychologically in many more ways then you give credit for. That is why I thought I’d write a new article ...

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Finding Weight Loss Systems That Work

Finding Weight Loss Systems That Work Finding weight loss systems that work can be a difficult task especially if you don’t have clear goals that you have already outlined for yourself. Most of us are also usually unaware of various relevant facts such as how many calories we need to burn, what kind of system will suit us, what to ...

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Sleeping Supplement: Bullet Proof

Sleeping Supplement: Bullet Proof When it comes to weight loss and training one of the most important components for your success is not only having a good amount of sleep, but having a deep restful sleep. A few weeks back I came across the sleeping supplement by Muscle Pharm called Bullet Proof but I was very skeptical that it would ...

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What You Need To Know About Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

By Jordan Cieciwa (@FitCityJordan) One of the best signs of a job well done in the gym is a little muscle soreness. You know, the pain that makes going to the bathroom interesting, or makes you think twice about going anywhere with stairs. For those who love the gym life, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a badge of honor, ...

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Give Your Back The Attention It Deserves With These 6 Moves

By Marta Ustyanich Photos of Jessica Renee by Michael Neveux We get it: mustering the motivation to work your back isn’t always as easy as gearing up to flex your bis or crank out a set of squats. Though you may rarely glimpse your progress and covertly check out your physique in every mirror and store window you pass, the importance of training your back goes far ...

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Crash Diets – What You Need to Know

Crash Diets – What You Need to Know You may have an event coming up where you want to look your best but you have some excess pounds to lose so what do you do?  Do you try that crash diet that your friend has been raving about? Can you lose 5 pounds in a week with a crash diet ...

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