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Does smoking affect your chances of finding love?

In light of Valentine’s Day, new research from the Department of Health has found that most people are put off by smoking when looking for love. New research from the Department of Health has revealed that when looking for a Valentine, many people are put off by cigarette smokers. If improving your health wasn’t a good enough reason to kick ...

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Do Britons rank fitness higher than love?

Britons think fitness is more important than love life, but sex can improve health and burn calories. Leading sports supplement company has released research stating that Britons prioritise fitness over their love life. Although this might be good news for obesity, heart disease and other weight-related illnesses, it might not be so for those in anticipation of a steamy ...

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The wedding workout

Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a guest looking for a speedy shape-up, Fitness First’s AJ Perera has all the advice you need to look your best on the big day. Planning a wedding can feel like spinning far too many plates at one time – and these days even being a guest comes with myriad responsibilities, from booking hotel rooms ...

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The loneliness solution

Our busy modern lifestyles are increasingly isolating. We explore the reasons why and find ways to combat the problem. All by yourself? A report from the Mental Health Foundation has found one in 10 people frequently experiences loneliness, while 42 per cent of us have been depressed because we felt alone at some point in our lives. This unwanted solitude doesn’t just take a ...

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Get fit to conceive

You might know that a nourishing diet can help your pregnancy plans, but did you know there are golden exercise rules too? We help you boost your baby-making chances. Is yoga once a week enough to get me ready for pregnancy?’ ‘Is running too intense or could I still train for a 10K?’ ‘Is swimming okay when my partner and I ...

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Body language dating tips

Body language expert Judi James shares her top tips for successful dates First dates can be nerve-wracking and leave you lacking in confidence. This burst of nervous adrenaline can make you accidentally talk over your date or both kiss the same cheek when greeting, which can start the date off awkwardly. Judi James, Invisalign ambassador and leading body language expert ...

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Fact- couples who sweat together are more likely to reach their goals but are they also more likely to last? According to experts from the University of College London (UCL) who studied the health habits of nearly 4,000 married or cohabiting twosomes, couples are more likely to meet their goals if they do it together. The scientists claim that people ...

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7 style mistakes tall guys should never make

BEING TALL HAS its advantages. You’re picked first in pick-up basketball. You can date short women andtall women (hey now, double the options!). But when it comes to your outfits, there are a few things you need to take into consideration, or you risk looking like a giraffe who stumbled through the discount aisle on the way to work. Here ...

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ABS WORKOUTS The better abs workout program

WE SIT TOO much—at our desks, in our cars, in front of the TV. And when we train our abs, we reinforce that posture with situps and crunches that contribute to tight hips and a rounded lower back. Over time, this can lead to lower-back pain and even conditions like a bulging or herniated disk. But you want abs, dammit, ...

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