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Best warm and boozy drinks for winter

Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and a pint of something warm to keep the cold at bay. With the cold weather embracing the nation like a damp flannel, we’re in desperate need of a winter fuel allowance. A bottle of kick. A pocket full of sunshine. Homemade warm booze. Here are some simple recipes you should try ...

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Trade your unwanted Christmas present in for a Burger King

There’s a high chance you’re going to get at least one naff present for Christmas this year, but instead of awkwardly asking them if they kept the receipt, fast food giant Burger King will gladly take them off your hands in exchange for a free Whopper. On 26 December, if you go down to the branch of Burger King in ...

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Are you having a Dry January? How to get through the month without drinking, and how it could help your health

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that January is by far the worst four weeks of the year. A joyless, misery of a month that lurks in the shadows of our Twixmas hangover, poised to stifle our Yuletide glow and drag us kicking and screaming back to the humdrum of the 9-5. A stickler for the straight and narrow, there’s nothing sensible, old January likes more than ...

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Can you lose weight without exercise?

After over-indulgent December it’s no surprise that ‘to lose weight’ is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Most of us tackle the goal with a new gym membership, however a new study by Fitness First showed that one in ten has given up their New Year fitness plan within two weeks and the average Brit has stopped by ...

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What’s the best mattress topper?

We’re all princesses frightened of sleeping on peas these days – how else to explain the rise in popularity of mattress toppers, that squidgy extra layer of comfort under your sheet, atop the bed. Memory foam is popular, but complaints include its sometimes strong smell, plus it can retain heat so well that the bed boils. As an alternative, natural ...

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Say goodbye to kale: the superfood trends for 2017 – and five new ingredients to watch

According to Mintel’s 2017 global food and drink report, plant-based diets are set to explode into the mainstream this year, which makes sense, given that veganism has grown a staggering 360 per cent in the last decade. But never mind growing your own, they’re going to get extremely hi-tech. Chilean based start-up Not Company is already using Artificial Intelligence (AI) ...

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Is breakfast actually bad for you?

Over the years, food trends come and go. No sooner does a study or headline declare a type of food or way of eating as healthy, another comes along to say it isn’t. But there’s been one nutritional belief that has always stood the test of time: that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Over the 15 ...

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21st-century healthcare: how technology is revolutionising the National Health Service

The NHS is a cherished and vital institution across the UK – the average life expectancy has increased by 10 years since its introduction – yet it is under intense and increasing pressure. Occasionally, referrals take longer than necessary, letters don’t arrive, or waiting times are greater than expected. But this could all be about to change with the introduction ...

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