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The baby tic when sleep is calcium deficiency?

The baby tic in sleep may be frightened, and the frightened baby will appear suddenly woke up when in bed sleeping, and crying, or calcium deficiency can also lead to this issue. When the baby is sleeping, it is best to have adults in the side with a sense of security to the baby. 1, calcium deficiency Fetal growth is ...

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Find your inner calm

Anxiety and stress are all too common these days, but there is a very simple way to beat them Feeling perpetually on edge? Stressed out? Nervous? Tossing and turning at night with tomorrow’s to-do list going round and round in your head? According to the Mental Health Foundation, almost a quarter of women say they are constantly anxious about issues such as ...

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Guilt free beauty treats

These naughty ingredients are way better out than in! If you’re on a health kick, streamlining your diet is the first step to reaching your goals. Out goes the caffeine, sugar, salt and carbs, and in comes the fresh fruit and veg, healthy fats, lean meat and wholegrains. Hey, it’s a good plan – but don’t ditch the naughty stuff ...

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Active women listening to music on beach

How Your Smartphone Ruins Your Workout

Smartphones can be a valuable tool for getting fit. They can count steps, play fitness videos, help us track our progress and connect us with workout buddies and coaches, both real-life and virtual. But when it comes to phone use during a workout, recent research suggests a few reasons to leave your device alone: Texting or talking on the phone while ...

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Best warm and boozy drinks for winter

Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and a pint of something warm to keep the cold at bay. With the cold weather embracing the nation like a damp flannel, we’re in desperate need of a winter fuel allowance. A bottle of kick. A pocket full of sunshine. Homemade warm booze. Here are some simple recipes you should try ...

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What’s the best mattress topper?

We’re all princesses frightened of sleeping on peas these days – how else to explain the rise in popularity of mattress toppers, that squidgy extra layer of comfort under your sheet, atop the bed. Memory foam is popular, but complaints include its sometimes strong smell, plus it can retain heat so well that the bed boils. As an alternative, natural ...

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