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How a support team is helping me reach my health goals

Last month, you may have read a blog post from my friend Melissa, who introduced our story as two busy work-at-home-moms on our path towards fitness with the help of Advocate Condell Centre Club. Today, I’m going to share a little more about my own backstory… In 2007, I walked over 500 miles from Boston to Washington D.C. as part of ...

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How garlic can contribute to colon cancer prevention

Want to reduce your risk for colon cancer? Consider heaping on the garlic at mealtime. The American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) recently released a list of six steps that could prevent half of colorectal cancer cases. The list includes some common cancer-fighting recommendations, such as maintaining a healthy weight and staying active, but experts recommend enjoying plenty of garlic, ...

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New Zika guidelines on pregnancy planning, unprotected sex

If a woman has the Zika virus or thinks that she might, she should wait at least eight weeks before trying to get pregnant. And if a man has the virus or its symptoms, he should wait at least six months before having unprotected sex. These are among the updated Zika virus recommendations for sex and pregnancy issued on March ...

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Why does hair turn grey?

It’s a right of passage for anyone heading into that next phase of life of getting older. In a blink of an eye grey hair starts appearing without warning, and as soon as it happens people quickly react by trying desperately to cover up any evidence that hair might be turning grey. But scientists have now been able track down ...

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Chronic stress has been connected to cancer progression through increased blood vessel formation, but a new study shows that high levels of stress can also impact the lymphatic system, causing tumor cells to spread more quickly. The research, published in Nature Communications, found that when mice experienced high levels of stress for prolonged periods of time, stress hormones activated the ...

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Blog: I fell off the wagon…

Loralie and Melissa, two busy work-at-home moms, are partnering with Advocate Condell Centre Club to take steps towards better health. Today, Loralie updates us on how she’s doing. I fell off the wagon. It’s a familiar cycle. All my life I have seen diet and exercise as my punishment for being fat. I had to deprive and torture my body ...

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How to slow the aging process

As we age, our bodies change in many ways. Some of us age well, remaining active throughout our lives with physiologic age remaining younger than chronological age. Others may experience the effects of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, which can diminish their ability to maintain an active lifestyle. Knowing what changes occur in the tissues of the musculoskeletal system can lead us ...

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