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Why you can’t keep off the weight

Anyone who has ever lost weight knows that lost pounds often return. No matter how hard you try, they seem to find a way to creep back on. A new study explains that your body’s physiology might be to blame. Your body, researchers say, and specifically your metabolism, which influences how many calories you burn when resting, fights back against ...

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Leafy green vegetables fuel good digestive health

Eating leafy green vegetables may be key to good digestive health. Researchers in Australia and the United Kingdom say vegetables like spinach, kale, lettuce and Brussels sprouts have exceptionally high levels of sulfoquinovose, or SQ sugars. These sugars could be key to protecting your gut and promoting good gastroenterological health. Their findings, just released in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, ...

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Eating certain foods may prevent muscle loss in aging

Recent research suggests eating green tomatoes and apples may be key in avoiding muscle atrophy as people age. University of Iowa scientists discovered the first example of a protein that causes muscle loss during aging. They also discovered two natural compounds, one found in apples and one found in green tomatoes, which reduced the activity of this protein, leading to a reduction in ...

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Do you know your calcium score?

Anyone who has been told they have risk factors for heart disease might want to consider learning their calcium score. So what does that mean exactly? A calcium score reflects whether people have calcium deposits in their coronary arteries, the major blood vessels to their heart. The lower their score, the less likely they are to have major blockages in their coronary arteries or to have a heart attack. Health care providers can determine a person’s calcium ...

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Physical therapist takes his skills to new level: The Olympics

Since 1896, the United States has totaled more than 200 gold medals in men’s and women’s swimming. With the hard work, determination and passion of more than 100 elite athletes, the U.S. stands at the top of the board for the sport and continues to be a strong competitor in the Olympic Games. An Olympic team is comprised not only ...

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