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Burn Fat Without Losing Weight

Burn Fat Without Losing Weight Getting a lean and toned body requires burning more fat, simply put. But how do you burn more fat without losing muscle weight? After packing on the muscle at the gym, preserving your weight can be a challenge if you’re also trying to tone up. This goal is often referred to as “cutting,” which involves ...

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How to Lose Weight in Upper Body

How to Lose Weight in Upper Body Sadly, most of us store our fat in our midsection – one of the biggest problem areas reported by people trying to lose weight! The truth is, when it comes to weight loss, you’re probably hoping to trim up and tone down your upper body. But don’t fear. Whether it’s a spare tire, ...

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Exercise vs. Diet

Exercise vs. Diet There has been a long debate over the benefits of exercise vs. diet. Some claim that physical activity is most important for a healthy lifestyle, while others focus on dieting and eating right. When it comes down to it, this debate depends on your personal goals. Let’s take a look at both angles. Exercise vs. Diet for ...

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How to Lose Fat Fast

How to Lose Fat Fast In this fast paced world, everyone’s looking for a quick fix, especially when it comes to their health and fitness. Losing fat is no exception. But no matter how challenging your goals may seem, there are a number of things you can do today to start losing fat fast. Just remember one thing, keep your ...

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Fat Burning Foods

Fat Burning Foods We’re all looking for easy ways to tone up and burn more fat and be happy with what we see when we look in the mirror. Diets come and go, but healthy eating is key to a healthy percentage of body fat. Believe it or not, some foods can actually help you burn more fat, and we’re ...

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Health Benefits of Organic Food

Health Benefits of Organic Food Organic foods seem to be taking over the grocery store, and for good reason. Although organic foods typically cost more, their health benefits far outweigh their costs. Before you go organic, you should understand what it means for your health as well as the welfare of your environment. What are the health benefits of organic ...

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Lose Belly Fat Diet

Lose Belly Fat Diet Getting healthy is what I encourage for all of my clients. But the truth is, looking good counts for a lot too, and who doesn’t want to look fitter, younger, and more toned? Losing belly fat is by far the most challenging of all fitness and weight loss goals. No matter your fitness level, you’ve probably ...

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Celebrity Diets

Celebrity Diets So last week I offered you some killer celebrity workouts for revamping your gym routine. But what about celebrity diets? I thought I should cover this topic, because there are a lot of fad diets out there either linked to celebrities or endorsed by them. But what’s the deal with these diets? Do they work? If you want ...

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Motivation Tips for Weight Loss

Motivation Tips for Weight Loss Reached another roadblock? Think you’ve hit a plateau? Motivation is one of the biggest challenges for all of us, including myself. And this is especially true when it comes to weight loss. So what are you going to do about? The truth is, there’s a lot you can do to stay motivated to lose weight. ...

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6 Weeks to Your Perfect Body

6 Weeks to Your Perfect Body Your perfect body may be closer than you think! All you need is a plan, some time, and a little motivation, and you could be on your way to a perfect body in just 6 weeks! So here’s the plan… The 6 Week Plan for a Perfect Body This plan incorporates my best tips ...

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