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Can you lose weight without exercise?

After over-indulgent December it’s no surprise that ‘to lose weight’ is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Most of us tackle the goal with a new gym membership, however a new study by Fitness First showed that one in ten has given up their New Year fitness plan within two weeks and the average Brit has stopped by ...

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Proteins that help keep cells healthy usually mend themselves when they get degraded from normal wear and tear. Sometimes, though, as in heart failure, damaged proteins accumulate and cause heart disease—and there’s no drug that can restore these essential cells to their previous grandeur. But here’s where aerobic exercise—which we already know strengthens lungs, lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, and ...

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How to Lose Weight in Upper Body

How to Lose Weight in Upper Body Sadly, most of us store our fat in our midsection – one of the biggest problem areas reported by people trying to lose weight! The truth is, when it comes to weight loss, you’re probably hoping to trim up and tone down your upper body. But don’t fear. Whether it’s a spare tire, ...

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Exercise vs. Diet

Exercise vs. Diet There has been a long debate over the benefits of exercise vs. diet. Some claim that physical activity is most important for a healthy lifestyle, while others focus on dieting and eating right. When it comes down to it, this debate depends on your personal goals. Let’s take a look at both angles. Exercise vs. Diet for ...

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How does exercise affect women’s diets?

Dieters are often concerned that working out could make them hungry, but according to a recent small study, working out is more effective at limiting calorie consumption than food restriction and actually reduces appetite in the short-term. Researchers at Loughborough University in England conducted a study of 12 fit women, analyzing the hormonal, psychological and behavioral reactions to calorie control ...

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What happens to your body when you exercise?

Starting a new exercise routine may seem overwhelming, but regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). When beginning to exercise, studies show that changes can occur to the body’s heart, muscles, fat, bones and even the brain. Exercise also helps to ...

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Is one minute of (very intense) exercise enough?

Are you one of the countless individuals who chalk up their lack of exercise to not having enough time in your schedule? You may need to find a new excuse. According to a recent study, 60 seconds of strenuous exertion proved to be equally successful at improving participants’ overall health and fitness as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. The study ...

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Last Minute Healthy Gift Ideas

Last Minute Healthy Gift Ideas Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably left a bit of your shopping to the last minute! And what better gift than something health and fitness related? With New Year’s resolutions soon to be set, your family and friends are sure to get a ton of use out of ...

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The best way to boost your immune system

The best way to stop spring and summer sickness from spoiling your plans is to give your immune system a boost. But your immune system is complicated, and the one-size-fits-all approach that supplements offer don’t often work wonders. However, there are actions that can be taken to keep your body ready to fight infection. “There are several simple things that ...

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How accurate is your fitness tracker?

Counting steps and calories burned are all in a day’s work for many people who rely on fitness trackers to reach their exercise goals. However, new research suggests that these devices may not be as accurate as manufacturers suggest. Personal fitness trackers have solidified a place in mainstream society, as one in 10 adults wear a device, according to the ...

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