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3 Exercises For More Powerful Glutes

By Jordan Cieciwa (@FitCityJordan) Women the world over have discovered the key to sculpting a noteworthy backside — the squat. Don’t believe me? Check out #SheSquats for a barrage of fitness-girl photos and the truly impressive results of their hard work. If a nice butt is the result you’re after, a program designed with deep, heavy, perfect-form squats is what you need — so why aren’t we guys getting in on the action? Looking good in “dem jeans” isn’t ...

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5 Ways Your Workout May Be Working Against You

By Lee Boyce (@CoachLeeBoyce) Turn on the TV and you’ll see mostly misleading advertisements because, let’s face it — “sexy” sells. For some reason, a select few can recognize that when it comes to general fitness. But when speaking of athletic training, people are often singing a different tune. Most of what we assume about how professional athletes train comes from television spots or sports movies. In most cases, it’s not the most accurate depiction of what’s really going on ...

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Why Breathing Deserve More Of Your Time And Attention

By Gillian Mandich, MSc, PhD(c) (@GillianMandich) Most of us have dabbled with different breathing techniques, whether it’s during yoga, Pilates, Lamaze, or a Darth Vader imitation (c’mon, admit it). Breathing is what keeps us alive, and without even thinking about it, we breathe about 15 times per minute (that’s more than 20,000 times each day). When you take a breath and inhale, your lungs expand with oxygen, nourishing the cells of your body, followed by an exhale and the release of carbon ...

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5 Outdoor Training Questions

By Jon-Erik Kawamoto, MSC, CSCS Q: What are some ideal sources of fuel to keep your stamina up during a hike? A: When on a challenging hike, pack snacks that are easy to digest yet energy-dense. A blend of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit makes for a great snack (they don’t call it trail mix for nothing!), as does a homemade protein or energy ...

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What To Expect Along Your Journey To Get Fit

By Ryan “6 Pack” Lapadat (@6PackLapadat) You have seen all of the latest YouTube videos on how to lift, read all of the online articles written by the experts (or self-proclaimed experts), and you feel more ready than ever to start your journey into gym life. But where do you begin? One thing you should do immediately is set realistic goals; this will help you chart a path to follow. Once you do this, you can ...

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Why Men and Women Train Differently

By Vince Del Monte One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Should men and women train differently?” The answer: almost always, but not in the way that most people think. While many people probably consider bench presses and glutes kickbacks “male” and “female” exercises, respectively, they are not gender specific. After all, men and women have the same ...

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Why It’s Worth Going Back After You Quit The Gym

By Bahram Dideban, MD We all have moments when our workouts get us down, possibly even enough to stop us going to the gym (insert gasp here). Whatever the cause — too much time at work, an injury, a lack of results, or simply a loss of motivation — once we’ve given up it can be hard to go back, especially since skipping the gym for a lengthy period of time is guaranteed to make those hard-earned gains ...

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Why You Need To Laugh More Often

By Bahram Dideban, MD From giggling throughout gatherings with family and friends to roaring with amusement during large-scale Hollywood blockbusters and comedy shows, laughter can (and should) make regular appearances in our lives — for many, many reasons. There’s no denying that smirking, smiling, and full-on laughing can all induce positive emotions — clearly they make us feel good. But what does that positive energy really do for us? Is laughter really the best medicine? We took a closer look at the science behind snickering ...

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5 Ways Men Screw Up At The Gym – According To A Woman

By Rachel Debling Not to brag (cough, humblebrag, cough), but I like to consider myself a seasoned gym-goer. The type who can scan a gym within seconds of stepping into the dank, seedy underbelly of the fifth-best fitness facility in town and pick apart the first timers (no shame — good on ya!) to the seasoned vets (tip: weightlifting belts, in this day and age and in the average gym, usually indicate a “poser”), and scope out the best route ...

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How Do You Get A Friend To Make Healthier Choices? The Experts Weigh In

Start out small. Think about the activities that they like or used to like when they were younger, and suggest doing some of those things with them. Even an evening walk together a couple of times a week with good conversation based around goal setting can help stimulate the person enough to get them started on the right track. Help them use fitness as a vehicle to make “fun” activities even more enjoyable. Your friends or family ...

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