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Get A Dancer’s Body With This Dynamic Bar Routine

By Anna Redman Programmed By Marlo Brausse Photos Of Mariah Daye By Arsenik Studios Inc. At Barre Body Studio in Calgary, Alberta. “At our studio the goal is to offer a combination of exercises that are unique in intensity while focusing on building strength, sculpting muscles, and improving posture.” But those aren’t the only benefits touted by this expert-designed routine. Regular barre enthusiasts ...

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Save Time With This Busy-Body Training Plan

By Rachel Debling Lead Photo Of Jay Zuccato By Arsenik Studios Inc At Life Time Athletic In Mississauga This five-day program, tailor-made by Jay Zuccato for anyone who is tight on time and low on motivation (sound familiar?), will serve as the kick in the pants you’ve been looking for, especially heading into the dim and dreary autumn and (ugh) winter months. Since this workout is designed for at home ...

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Get Pumped With This Energy-Boosting Routine

By Vanessa Gillis Illustrations By Mark Collins A fter a long day of work, it can be difficult to find the motivation to whip up dinner, let alone power through a workout. But rather than reaching for a sugar-packed energy drink that’ll leave you with a wicked sugar crash, try this fast-paced routine for an all-natural boost. The best thing is, you can do this from the ...

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Test Your Limits With This Intense Full-Body Workout

By Rachel Debling Photos Of Meaghan Terzis By Arsenik Studios Inc We’re not going to mince words: this workout isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re going to be pushing your body to all-new levels, thanks to a method called “pre-exhaust” — in plain terms, doing an easier version of an exercise right before its more advanced counterpart, with the goal of pushing you ...

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5 Midday Moves To Loosen You Up

Even if you’re active, long hours at the office can do more than just cause you to look at the clock more frequently. “When folks sit at a desk for hours on end, the muscles adapt to hold that single position,” explains Paul Wade, former inmate and author of Convict Conditioning and Convict Conditioning 2 (perfect because, let’s face it, work does sometimes feel like prison.) “The anterior chain ...

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5 Battling Rope Moves You Need To Add To Your Routine

By Bryan Smith (@Catalyst_SPT) If you’ve ever watched one of those dark, slow-motion Reebok commercials, I’m sure you’ve seen this relatively new piece of training equipment that is quite literally just a thick braided rope. My clients and friends know that I am not one to jump on fitness bandwagons, nor do I adopt new fads or trends very easily, ...

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Get Leaner With This High-Intensity Interval Training Routine

By Jessica Culver Photos Of Rob Monroe By Jason Breeze Going to the gym has its perks — there’s air conditioning, tons of equipment, water fountains, and changing rooms. It’s comfortable and convenient for anyone looking to stay in shape. But not all gyms are cheap, local, or open all hours, so working out can be tricky at the best of times, let alone when you’re ...

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Swing Your Way To A New Body

By Tracy Barbero Photos Of Ana Delia De Iturrondo By Arsenik Studios Inc. At Ignite Health & Fitness, Columbus, OH It’s no secret that training with kettlebells is a functional and fundamental approach to improving cardiorespiratory fitness and strength. But so are dumbbells, medicine balls, barbells, pulleys, and other weighted devices. So what’s the advantage to these cast-iron cowbell-looking tools, anyway? You probably know the deal: first off, the ...

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