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Heart Healthy Nutrition Guidelines

Heart Healthy Nutrition Guidelines Whether you’re young or old, fit or getting in shape, you should be thinking about the health of your heart. While exercise and resistance training are necessary steps to a stronger and healthier heart, nutrition is one of the biggest factors. If you’re not eating right, you could be taking years off your life. By improving ...

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Can a positive attitude impact your heart?

Being happy might have more overall health benefits than one might think, according to a study published by the American Heart Association (AHA). The study showed that people diagnosed with heart disease who have a positive attitude are likely to exercise more and live longer than those who are not as optimistic. Researchers used a questionnaire to determine the moods ...

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Many heart failure patients don’t return to work

One year after first-time hospitalization for heart failure, one-third of the patients who survived had not returned to work, according to a Danish study presented recently at Heart Failure 2016 and the 3rd World Congress on Acute Heart Failure. Nearly 12,000 working adults with heart failure – aged 18 to 60 years – were included in the study, according to ...

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Do you know your calcium score?

Anyone who has been told they have risk factors for heart disease might want to consider learning their calcium score. So what does that mean exactly? A calcium score reflects whether people have calcium deposits in their coronary arteries, the major blood vessels to their heart. The lower their score, the less likely they are to have major blockages in their coronary arteries or to have a heart attack. Health care providers can determine a person’s calcium ...

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The average American diet is half junk

Ultra-processed foods – those manufactured pre-packaged convenience foods heavy in extra sugar, salt and fat – comprise nearly 60 percent of the American diet, according to a team of Brazilian and American researchers from the University of Sao Paula and Tufts University in Boston. The research team analyzed 9,300 adults and children who kept detailed food diaries. Researchers defined ultra-processed ...

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