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Successful Weight Loss

Successful Weight Loss In order for you to have a successful weight loss plan you need to have two important inter-related factors not only in mind but planned out from the get-go. In this article, we’ll look at these two factors and devise a strategy which is simple to follow and is guaranteed to provide results. You may think that ...

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Abs Diets that Work

Abs Diets that Work Some of us store more fat around our midsection and above our hips more than others, and others will notice that this will become of greater concern as they age. The question then lies in what kind of abs diets actually work to keep the midsection lean and allow you to feel comfortable when you sit ...

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Protein Drink Recipes

Protein Drink Recipes If you think protein drinks just taste chalky and completely miss the mark in exciting your taste buds then you are in for a surprise. We’re going to look at 5 tantalizing protein drink recipes that will blow you away and will be a perfect substitute to a snack that just won’t provide the same punch in ...

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Muscle Building Protein: The Perfect Choice For You

Muscle Building Protein: The Perfect Choice For You We all know by now that protein is incredibly important for helping us with muscle growth and at the same time curbing our appetites and allowing our metabolism to burn through fat, but what is the best muscle building protein for you? The value of the protein really comes into play by ...

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Fat Burning Foods

Fat Burning Foods We’re all looking for easy ways to tone up and burn more fat and be happy with what we see when we look in the mirror. Diets come and go, but healthy eating is key to a healthy percentage of body fat. Believe it or not, some foods can actually help you burn more fat, and we’re ...

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Alcohol and Weight Loss

Alcohol and Weight Loss A social life may be one of the biggest factors standing between you and weight loss. The truth is, going out and having a drink can really interfere with your weight loss goals. But what’s the real problem with alcohol and weight loss? And how can you enjoy a drink or two without falling off track? ...

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Lose Belly Fat Diet

Lose Belly Fat Diet Getting healthy is what I encourage for all of my clients. But the truth is, looking good counts for a lot too, and who doesn’t want to look fitter, younger, and more toned? Losing belly fat is by far the most challenging of all fitness and weight loss goals. No matter your fitness level, you’ve probably ...

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Ultimate Fat Loss Diet Plan

Ultimate Fat Loss Diet Plan It’s time for a whole new perspective and you now have the opportunity to do things right. When it comes to health and fitness, you may still be looking for a fat loss diet plan that’s right for you. Well look no further. This 4-week ultimate fat loss diet plan is going to give you ...

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Green Tea Weight Loss

Green Tea Weight Loss During this time of year we’re all trying to lose some extra weight we’ve put on, so looking for healthy ways to help us fight the good fight can never go unappreciated right? You’ve probably heard of the claims about green tea and weight loss. But is green tea a good option for you? Let’s find ...

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Jumpstart Your Day: Instant Breakfast Ideas

Jumpstart Your Day: Instant Breakfast Ideas You’ve heard it before – breakfast is the most important meal of your day. The truth is, it is – and for a lot of good reasons. First, research shows that people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight. They’re also less likely to fail at dieting. This is the case because ...

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