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Sleeping Supplement: Bullet Proof

Sleeping Supplement: Bullet Proof When it comes to weight loss and training one of the most important components for your success is not only having a good amount of sleep, but having a deep restful sleep. A few weeks back I came across the sleeping supplement by Muscle Pharm called Bullet Proof but I was very skeptical that it would ...

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Rapid Weight Loss: Core Focus

Rapid Weight Loss: Core Focus There are some fundamental differences you can make in order to win a game of rapid weight loss and this article is going to show you some powerful techniques to implement for greater success. The main focus will be on your core because even though you may not notice it, the core is where you ...

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Protein Drink Recipes

Protein Drink Recipes If you think protein drinks just taste chalky and completely miss the mark in exciting your taste buds then you are in for a surprise. We’re going to look at 5 tantalizing protein drink recipes that will blow you away and will be a perfect substitute to a snack that just won’t provide the same punch in ...

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Post Workout Recovery Supplements

Post Workout Recovery Supplements Arguably the most important time to take supplements is post-workout when your uptake is at its highest rate and this is the time when your muscles gobble up amino acids, vitamins and other elements to help it recover and grow definition. This is the third and final segment in my best workout supplements series and it ...

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Cutting Body Fat Diet

Cutting Body Fat Diet One of the most important questions I get is about how to cut body fat quickly, and although exercising is one of the most critical factors, your diet is even more integral to giving you killer results. You will want to use this as an outline for your daily nutrition plan and make slight adjustments based ...

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Muscle Pain and Recovery

Muscle Pain and Recovery Whether you do a lot of cardio or lift weights, you know that fitness and exercise can have a toll on your muscles. Despite the benefits for your health, working out can put a lot of strain on your muscles and joints. So it’s important to pay attention to muscle recovery, so that you can prevent ...

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Best Workout Supplements 2012

Best Workout Supplements 2012 It’s a new year and there are some new workout supplements in town which are getting quite a lot of buzz for being highly effective in helping you stay motivated and get more results from your training. You might have some reservations about supplements especially with the negative media frenzy on supplements made overseas (particularly Asia), ...

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Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain Treatment Let’s face it, injuries happen. And when you’re working out hard and exercising regularly, they’re even more likely to happen! But they don’t have to. When it comes down to it, there’s a lot you can to do prevent injuries and manage the pain when they do occur. Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries ...

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