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Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss

The Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss Low-carb diets are all the rage. Everyone swears by them, from the dedicated athlete to the high-end bikini model. But how can you get the most out of a low-carb diet for weight loss? Low-carb diets have a number of documented benefits. For starters, eating fewer carbs means lower insulin production. This enables ...

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The Best Healthy Cereal Bar Recipe

Healthy Cereal Bar Recipe When you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape, snacking can be really frustrating. The truth is, healthy snacking is totally possible. You just have to be smart about it. Watch the carbs, sugars, and fats and aim for snacks that are high in protein. This will help keep you satisfied longer. Snacking is important ...

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Heart Healthy Nutrition Guidelines

Heart Healthy Nutrition Guidelines Whether you’re young or old, fit or getting in shape, you should be thinking about the health of your heart. While exercise and resistance training are necessary steps to a stronger and healthier heart, nutrition is one of the biggest factors. If you’re not eating right, you could be taking years off your life. By improving ...

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3 Month Weight Loss Plan

3 Month Weight Loss Plan Only you know how many obstacles are in your way with your weight loss goals, at times it seems like it just simply won’t happen right? Despite the challenges, there are a number of lifestyle changes you can make to lose weight and improve your overall health. The following 3 month weight loss plan will ...

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Weight Loss Programs that Don’t Work

Weight Loss Programs that Don’t Work Trying to lose weight and finding yourself hitting a wall? Weight loss can be challenging no matter the route you choose. But when it comes down to it, some weight loss programs simply don’t work – especially in the long-term. This article reviews which weight loss programs and fad diets you need to ditch, ...

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Celebrity Diets

Celebrity Diets So last week I offered you some killer celebrity workouts for revamping your gym routine. But what about celebrity diets? I thought I should cover this topic, because there are a lot of fad diets out there either linked to celebrities or endorsed by them. But what’s the deal with these diets? Do they work? If you want ...

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Cheat days work for weight loss

Cheaters may never win. But they might lose weight, as long as the cheating is planned and occasional, according to a new study. Researchers examined 60 students in a simulated diet environment and 30 people dieting in real life. They found that those who planned ahead to treat themselves to guilty pleasures had more control over impulses to give in ...

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The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet The paleo diet has received a lot of attention lately in the media. But what’s this diet all about? And how can it be of benefit to you? The paleo diet, short for paleolithic diet, is essentially a return to our caveman roots. It’s a diet that focuses on natural, whole foods like those eaten by our ...

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How to stay full while on a diet

There are many factors that contribute to a healthy diet, and supplying your body with the right nutrients becomes even more important when you have a weight loss goal in mind. “When trying to lose weight, you should focus on long-term lifestyle changes instead of short-term diet fads,” says Gina Doocy, a registered dietitian at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center ...

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Healthy Bedtime Snacks: Top 5

Healthy Bedtime Snacks: Top 5 So what’s the real deal on late night snacking? We’ve all heard people say that eating after dinner is a bad idea for dieting and weight loss. Some even adopt rules about no eating after 7 or 8 PM. The truth is, this is a myth. When it comes down to it, snacking can help ...

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