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Does smoking affect your chances of finding love?

In light of Valentine’s Day, new research from the Department of Health has found that most people are put off by smoking when looking for love. New research from the Department of Health has revealed that when looking for a Valentine, many people are put off by cigarette smokers. If improving your health wasn’t a good enough reason to kick ...

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Facts about smoking: 10 things to know to help you quit

The party season is over, everyone’s back at work and there’s no nights out planned until February – so what better time to try and stub out that smoking habit for good. You might have tried umpteen times before, but don’t despair – millions of smokers across the country will also be wrestling with temptation this month as they try ...

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The best way to boost your immune system

The best way to stop spring and summer sickness from spoiling your plans is to give your immune system a boost. But your immune system is complicated, and the one-size-fits-all approach that supplements offer don’t often work wonders. However, there are actions that can be taken to keep your body ready to fight infection. “There are several simple things that ...

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Twitter may help you quit smoking

Trying to quit smoking? You may want to take up tweeting. A new study out of the University of California found that participants in one of the first real-time, fully automated Twitter-based smoking intervention programs were two times more successful at kicking the habit than those using traditional methods. The program, called Tweet2Quit, recruited participants to enroll in private Twitter ...

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