Fat Loss Program

fat loss program

Fat Loss Program

Probably one of the most common questions I’m getting lately is about a good fat loss program to implement in your daily routine that will actually provide decent results so I thought I’d put together a pretty killer program for you.

To make this program really stick your best bet is to grab a notebook and make the effort to take some notes that really resonate with you.

Just the act of writing some of these sticking points will create an ever expanding drop into your mind’s eye and will enforce will-power you never thought you had.

Fat Loss Program: Step 1

If you haven’t set your objectives in place for this coming month, then it’s time to do that now. Be clear, concise and reasonable on what you want to achieve.

An example would be: I want to cut out all soda and juice drinks, and drop 2 inches in my waist size after 30 days.

This is a good general statement which will allow you to expand in the following steps.

To add to this you can also include a photo of a celebrity or athlete that you want to strive to look as good as. Even if it’s far from a possibility it will still set in motion a number of mental processes which will take you one step further.

Fat Loss Program: Step 2

Now you want to outline what it will take for you to reach your objectives. The first part of this may involve you cleaning out the junk foods in your kitchen and/or going grocery shopping with the healthiest nutrition in mind.

This is a golden grocery list so keep it close to you:

  • High Protein Diet Shopping List
  • Low Carb Diet Shopping List
  • Low Fat Diet Shopping List

If you have a family that you can’t convince to stay as healthy as you, then keep a cupboard for them which maybe even has a lock on it (with a combo only your family has) or just has a photo to remind you of your goal. I strongly believe that if you are not one to be opening that cupboard you will get a boost of will power since it’s not constantly reminding you of the junk you think you want.

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