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Are You Running On Empty?

This post is for all of the coaches out there. Your effectiveness as a coach is directly related to how much balance you can maintain in your life.

Are you doing the things that fill you up and keep you running smoothly? Or, are you running on empty?

Do you spend quality time talking to and hanging out with the important people in your life? Could you be more intentional about this?

Do you spend time doing the things you love (outside of coaching)? Or, have you pushed them to the side because you “don’t have enough time”?

Do you take time to chill and relax each day so that you can limit your stress and keep a healthy perspective on things?

  • You can’t be the best coach if you aren’t giving back to yourself. You must stay fulfilled, joyful, passionate, relaxed, fun and motivated so that you can truly give to others.
  • To be the best coach you can be, you have to constantly work on your schedule and managing your energy.  Make sure that your life does not just consist of hanging out in the box, studying CrossFit videos, training and programming. Those things are all great, but remember, it’s a big world out there, and there are probably amazing people in your life that want to hang out with you more.

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