Why Don’t You Do It?

“Just like a plant needs water, your passion needs to be nurtured…”

Do you say that you love live music, but you haven’t been to concert in years?

Do you come alive when you draw, yet you haven’t picked up your sketch pad in weeks?

If you love something so much, why don’t you do it?

Are you nurturing your passions, or are you too damn busy?

When passion is missing, your actions lack meaning and your mindset suffers. You are passionate about certain things because they make you feel energetic, excited, exuberant and full of purpose. Your passions are what fuel you.

  • Each day, find time to nurture your passions so that you can be full of life and give your best to all that you do.
  • Doing things you are passionate about feeds your soul and creates this momentum that others will be inspired by.

What passion have you pushed aside recently?

  • Jot down a few things that you WANT to do because you love them so much and you’re sick of pushing them aside because life gets “too busy”.

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