How To Return To CrossFit After A Long Break

Question: “I took a hiatus from CrossFit Training, and now I’m ready to get back into it. I’m having a lot of hesitations and doubts, do you have any tips for getting started again?”


1. First, it’s most important that you take the time to consider why you want to get back to CrossFit and what your main goals are. I would suggest taking the time to write down your motivations and objectives before you jump back in.

2. Then, I highly recommend that you set up a quick meeting with one of the coaches at your box, or another mentor that you trust. Shoot them an email and see if he or she has time to sit down with you or do a coaching call. This will give you a chance to ask any questions, share your goals, and express your concerns or hesitations. It’s important that your coaches know how to monitor and adjust your program if necessary. Plus, this helps alleviate some of your worries and allows your coaches to know how much this training means to you.

3. Most importantly, rememeber not to compare yourself to where you think you “should” be, or to what you “used to be able to do.” You are you, today, and that’s more than enough. You are different than everyone else at your box, and have your own goals and focus areas. You may not feel 100% but you are still lucky and blessed to be able to do WHATEVER it is that you’re able to do. You’re not going to get all of your fitness back in one day, but you can and will feel better each time you give a WOD your full effort.

Get after it. Email me if you have any questions, [email protected]

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