How To Use Your Fitness For A Bigger Purpose


When you’re motivated and passionate, it’s easy to become hyper-focused on your fitness goals and your training program. Here are some suggestions for you to give back, help others and use your fitness to make an impact.

1. Write a blog post, an Instagram post, or a Facebook post. Share your story, talk about what you’ve had to overcome, how your priorities have changed, why and how you stay committed and inspire others with your struggles, your purpose and your goals.

2. Get involved with an established fundraiser. There are many groups that train for events together, run races together, and have created ways for to get involved in giving back.

3. Create your own fitness event or challenge to raise money or bring awareness to something near to your heart.

4. Volunteer with others who could benefit from your education, passion, experience, care or athletic capabilities. You don’t need to be the best athlete to do this…you just gotta love on people and encourage them.

5. Use your physical strength to volunteer with a project that involves some labor (build, move, tear down, carry, etc.). If you’re capable and healthy, then you could be very helpful to projects that take some muscle.


How are you making an impact with your fitness? Share below.

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