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Your diet makeover

Be ahead of the curve with these top diet trends From maple syrup-based lemon detox fasts to the protein-heavy Dukan diet, the slimming world has seen some pretty outrageous food fads of late. Thankfully, this year getting healthy is all about taking a sensible approach to food – and there are some pretty amazing trends lurking on the horizon. ‘The ...

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The no-hunger diet

Conquer your cravings, feel full – and lose weight for good! So, it’s been exactly one hour and 24 minutes since your last meal and you’re absolutely starving. Wondering why? The reason you’re still ravenous could be as simple as eating the wrong ‘healthy’ foods. For years we’ve been conditioned to believe that successful weight loss boils down to a ...

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Diet and mental health

Recent evidence suggests that good nutrition is essential for our mental health and that a number of mental health conditions may be influenced by dietary factors. One of the most obvious, yet under-recognised factors in the development of major trends in mental health is the role of nutrition. The body of evidence linking diet and mental health is growing at ...

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Being someone who loves a meal with many elements, Sri Lankan food was pretty much my dream come true. Every meal is served with plenty of sides: sauces, chutneys, relishes, and pickles, to make each bite unique and surprising. Sambol is the word for this seemingly endless collection of condiments, and I lost count trying to sample them all in ...

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The best diet to treat your head

After a holiday season of extensive eating and drinking, most Americans feel full and bloated by the start of January. Some people make new year’s resolutions to lose all those holiday pounds, leading to considerable thought about the pros and cons of various diets. According to data from the Journal of the American Medical Association reported by FiveThirtyEight, the Atkins ...

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7 Straightforward Ways to Strengthen Your Prefrontal Cortex (hint the most important part of the brain!)

If someone asked you to describe the defining characteristics of “human being”, you would most likely talk about how we can speak, walk upright, have opposable thumbs, etc… All of that stuff is great. But you know what the most defining characteristic is? The ability to choose. What is the Prefrontal Cortex? We are the only animal on the planet ...

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5 Key Lifestyle Changes For Staying Sober During Recovery

Once you’ve made the decision to get and stay sober, it is an ongoing process. It’s going to take effort and a massive 180 degree turn from your life as a former addict. While change is always a difficult thing to cope with, there are a few key lifestyle choices that you can make to help this particular change a ...

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5 Stress Reducing Activities to Benefit People with Bipolar Disorder

Keeping stress levels low is a key component to coping with bipolar disorder. Too many people with bipolar disorder will turn to unhealthy forms of self-medication with over half experiencing addiction in their lifetime. Stress can exacerbate the mood swings experienced by people suffering from this mental illness, meaning stress-reducing activities can be a very healthy and beneficial way to ...

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A Simple Nutrition Question

Your diet directly impacts your mindset.  Your nutrition either has a positive impact, or a negative impact, on your mentality. What you eat is either helping you, or it’s hurting you. My major goal is to help you live a fulfilling journey.  I am at my best when I am helping others be their best. I want to help you tell a ...

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