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Lufa Farms to feed Montreal with produce from world’s largest rooftop greenhouse

The world’s biggest commercial rooftop greenhouse, which spans over three acres, sits on top of a former Sears warehouse in a borough in Montreal, Canada. It produces over 24,000 pounds of tomatoes, eggplants and other vegetables each week. The massive greenhouse belongs to Lufa Farms. Since its inception in 2009, Lufa Farms has been fine-tuning its process around farming on ...

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Food supply 101: How to make healthy dried banana chips

Banana chips are a sweet and tasty snack, but store-bought variants may contain too much sugar or other ingredients and harmful preservatives. To ensure that your banana chips are tasty and good for you, try making dried banana chips at home using the simple recipe detailed below. You can also try making savory or spicy banana chips if you don’t ...

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Home gardening basics: 24 Plants to grow in a bucket garden

Bucket gardening is popular among urban preppers because it allows you to grow assorted herbs and vegetables even if you live in a small apartment. Also known as container gardening, this method is a great way to start your own garden if you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to feel overwhelmed with a full-sized backyard garden. (h/t to UrbanSurvivalSite.com) Why bucket gardening is perfect for ...

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