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How to make items for personal hygiene in a survival scenario

Personal hygiene may be the last thing on your mind when facing a survival situation, but it is more than just looking nice and smelling fresh. Maintaining proper hygiene is important because it helps prevent infections and the spread of diseases. If you plan on bartering in a long-term survival scenario, knowing how to make personal hygiene items will give you more items to ...

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Many invasive plants have medicinal benefits

Anyone who has ever gardened can tell you how upsetting it is to have your efforts thwarted by invasive plants. It’s a very frustrating problem, but there’s a compelling reason you may not want these species to disappear entirely: Many invasive plants have surprisingly important medicinal benefits. Invasive species are non-native plants that spread aggressively and can put the survival ...

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Apples contain about 100 million bacteria, but organic apples are still good for gut health and the environment

A recent study in Frontiers in Microbiology showed that apples can contain as many as 100 million bacterial cells – and that organic apples contained more beneficial bacteria than conventional or store-bought ones. The study also showed that store-bought apples not only lacked these beneficial bacteria, these also harbored bacteria strains that are known pathogens. Gut bacteria help improve health and prevent chronic diseases The human ...

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