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Savory Quinoa Muffins

I was in the mood for something a little different when I made quinoa muffins for the week. I LOVE this sweeter version, but was feeling like something a little more savory. Taste-wise, they were everything I wished for them to be: a mild nutty flavor from the quinoa, robust sundried tomatoes, creamy goat cheese and bright, fresh spinach. The ...

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Hi from staycation! ? I gave myself a little gift for Livi’s birthday and took the next two days off work. For scheduling purposes, we have to ask for time off months ahead, and I asked for this Thursday and Saturday off quite a while ago. I’m excited for quality time with the fam and even a yoga class this ...

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Smoked Salmon Quinoa Hand Rolls

This is a sad story about some rice (but a happy story about some homemade sushi rolls). That would be the leftover rice from Pei Wei, which ended up having a slumber party in my trunk. It’s easier to forget about leftovers in the car nowadays. For a split second, I debated eating it until I actually opened the trunk ...

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3-Minute Skinny Peppermint Mocha

Starbucks! They know me! Source I tend to stay away for the most part during the warmer months.. (which, let’s be real, is 97% of the time in Tucson.) I can make my own coffee at home, and save for the occasional iced green tea lemonade, it’s rare that I’ll hit up the SB drive thru. That is, until the ...

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healthy holiday potluck ideas

‘Tis the season: to deck the halls, spend time with those you love, don your ugliest Christmas sweater, (my own Dick van Dyke!) shop it up and enjoy festive feasts ?  I’m not sure about you, but our schedule is jam-packed until after New Year’s with holiday events! Many of them: bring a side dish or dessert. Anyone else experiencing ...

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Vegan brown rice pudding

Wrap my soul in a rice pudding blanket? Don’t mind if I doooooooooo. For someone who has a strong memory, my brain has become a little fuzzy over time. As much as I wish I could, I don’t remember every single Christmas. There are a few that stick out vividly in my mind, and little pieces that I’ll never forget. ...

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