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STUDY: Compound in coffee and tea can prevent liver cancer cells from spreading

Plants produce a wide variety of chemicals to ensure their survival. Many of these compounds happen to be beneficial to humans because of their outstanding biological properties. For example, plants naturally produce ascorbic acid – also known as vitamin C – because it plays an important role in photosynthesis and is needed for controlling plant cell growth. Vitamin C is an ...

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Drinking coffee can help reduce your risk of depression, according to studies

Coffee can help boost alertness and focus. Studies show that drinking coffee can also do wonders for your mental health. In fact, multiple meta-analyses suggest that drinking coffee in moderate amounts could help reduce your risk of depression. Coffee consumption protects against depression Many of the beneficial effects of coffee are directly linked to caffeine, the bitter-tasting chemical that’s naturally present in ...

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Natural healing: 6 Superfoods that can help relieve headaches

People of all ages suffer from headaches, whether it’s a low-grade tension headache or a debilitating migraine. If you suffer from chronic headaches and are hesitant to take over-the-counter medications that often cause negative side effects, try natural remedies and superfoods like ginger or yogurt. What causes headaches? Headaches have many causes. Factors like colds and other seasonal illnesses, changes ...

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Adding milk to coffee can help fight inflammation, suggests study

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. And while some people like drinking it with other ingredients like creamer, sugar or flavored syrups, others prefer drinking black coffee. But according to a study, drinking coffee with milk can help protect against inflammation. In a preliminary study of isolated cells, researchers found that the specific combination of coffee ...

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Coffee contains hundreds of medicinal compounds that may prevent cognitive decline

For most people, coffee is nothing more than a caffeine boost, a quick shot of energy. Other people cherish the distinct taste of coffee and drink a de-caffeinated version. Many people do not realize that coffee contains hundreds of bioactive compounds, oils, tannins, vitamins, and minerals that play a positive role in cognition and longevity. Some of these compounds are ...

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A closer look at the fat-fighting abilities of coffee

Here’s some news that’s sure to wake you up: A new study suggests that your cup of joe does more than just energize you for the day – it could be causing your body to burn fat. Published in the journal Scientific Reports, the study, conducted by researchers at the University of Nottingham, in the UK, found that coffee actually ...

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Do you know the healthiest way to drink Coffee?

Do you know how to maximize the health benefits from Coffee? How much Coffee can be drinking every day? In this article, the experts will introduce health drink Coffee knowledge what is you may not know before. 1, Drink Coffee can prevent migraine Coffee contains caffeine which can be used as a drug in clinic treatment, such as cold medicine ...

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Coffee Dropped from List of Carcinogens

Top off your cups, coffee lovers! The World Health Organization has recently revised their classification of coffee as a possible carcinogen. Coffee was originally added to the list of culprits in 1991, at that point there appeared to be a connection to bladder cancer. WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer recently reviewed more than 1,000 studies and concluded that that ...

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